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Professional Ropes Course Association - ANSI ASD

(ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer (ASD) for Challenge Courses, Canopy ZipLine Tours, & Aerial Adventure courses.

 Current Published Standard:  ANSI/PRCA American National Standard (ANS) 1.0-.3-2014 - (March 3, 2014)

Welcome to the Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA). The PRCA is a contemporary and progressive industry association that supports the development and regulation of the ropes challenge course, canopy zip lines, and aerial adventure parks industry. Established in 2003, the PRCA has many accomplishments including industry insurance programs, becoming the first ANSI Accredited Standards Developer for the industry in 2005 and having the first ANSI designated comprehensive industry safety standards. 


WATCH for news of our upcoming 14TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE IN TULSA OK  APRIL 6 TO 9, 2017.  The PRCA will also be offering a Certification of Qualified Instructors event at the conference, become a Certified Instructor for your area of expertise and facility. Click on the 2017 Conference Tulsa OK folder at left for more information.


SPECIAL INTRODUCTION OFFER for the ANSI American National Safety Standards.

Individual Membership $20 (one licensed copy of  ANS). 

Organizational Membership $100 (four licensed copies of the ANS) 

The PRCA Safety Committee has been reviewing the history of serious injuries and fatalities to both employees and participants on our industry’s courses over the last several years. We have found that the majority of these tragic events could have been avoided if the operators, builders, designers and employees had been complying the ANSI 1.0-.3-2015 American National Safety Standards.  Several of these incidents directly involved equipment, courses and operational procedures which had been inspected and met the ACCT and other standards, but would not have met the ANSI 1.0-.3-2015 American National Safety Standards.  They were avoidable. OSHA has already leveled fines on operations for not meeting the ANSI ANS requirements.

 In the hope of preventing additional needless serious injury and loss of life the PRCA is making a special reduced membership rate offer in order to allow engineers, insurance carriers, builders, operators, guides, facilitators and other materially affected parties the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the most comprehensive set of consensus based Safety Standards in the industry; the ANSI 1.0-.3-2014 American National Safety Standards for Challenge Courses (including Aerial Adventure Parks, Canopy Tours, Zip Lines and Zip Line Tours.

 This is the only complete set of Industry Safety Standards that has been fully harmonized with the U.S. D.O.L. OSHA requirements, ANSI Fall Protection Codes (ANSI Z-359), European Ropes Course Standards (EN 15567), Australia/New Zealand Standards and other American National Standards and International Standards. Standards that are based on the European standards do not meet US requirements for strength in anchorages, lanyards, connectors and other personal safety requirements. Europe has lower strength requirements for these issues so if your operation is in Europe that is fine but if you are in theUSyou had best meet theUSrequirements if you land in court.

 These are the only set of comprehensive safety standards that fully addresses theUnited Statesand Canadian requirements for BOTH your participants and your employees. E.g. Maximum free fall distance for operational use (participants and staff) 2 feet  limited to 900lb force, and for employees conducting building, maintenance, repair and inspections a maximum free fall distance of 6 feet, limited to 1800lb force (to meet OSHA regulations and other ANSI Safety Standards’ requirements).

 The ANSI ANS contains a National Training Scheme that will standardize training throughout the industry and ensure that your employees will receive the full scope of training needed for operations, rescue, etc.  The scheme is designed to be used in either in-house training or third party training.

 Most importantly the ANSI ANS is managed by a committee made up of individual representatives of industry related organizations; unlike the past no one organization has control over the industry’s American National Safety Standards. It is developed through an open industry consensus body, and controlled by Industry stakeholders.

 Let’s make our industry safer. Get your copy of the ANSI 1.0-.3-2014 American National Safety Standards today and begin following the most comprehensive and safest risk management route for your organization.

Members who have joined or renewed in the last six (6) months will be eligible to renew their membership for the following year at the special rate for their membership type. At the time of your renewal email the office at for more information.


ANSI/PRCA American National Safety Standard:

The ANSI/PRCA 1.0-.3-2014 standard has undergone multiple reviews following the PRCA ANSI approved procedures. Hundreds of individuals participated in the review process, generating over 1,000 comments for review and consideration. Some individuals exercised their right to the appeal process with the appeals being reviewed by independent third party panels.

On March 3, 2014, ANSI approved the PRCA's consensus based Standard as the ANSI/PRCA American National Standard (ANS). As such, the PRCA shall serve as Secretariat (administrative functions) of the ANSI/PRCA ANS. Formal notice was issued to all ANSI Accredited Standards Developers (ASD) through the ANSI Newsletter, Standards Action, on March 7, 2014.

The ANSI/PRCA 1.0-.3-2014 American National Safety Standards are managed, not by the PRCA alone, but by a committee of individual representatives of industry organizations and associations, insurance carriers and other materially affected entities. This ensures that no one body has control of the industry standards and ensures consensus for the industry safety standards. The standards are maintained under "continuous maintenance" meaning that the public can submit recommendations at any time utilizing the continuous maintenance system.

Purpose / Vision
The purpose of the PRCA is to promote, enhance, support, and contribute to the ropes course industry worldwide. This is accomplished by the development of industry standards for ropes challenge courses and canopy tours / zip line tours. Standards include installation, inspection, operation, training, and certification standards. The Professional Ropes Course Association also provides ongoing development of operational, construction, inspection, Accredited Vendor reviews, and training standards for the ropes challenge course industry.

Electronic / Green Statement:
Please consider the environment before printing pages.

The PRCA believes in saving costs and maintaining a low overhead. In the spirit of this belief, the PRCA is committed to conducting electronic business where ever possible. We thank you in helping us support the environment and keep our operating costs down by limiting the use of paper products.


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