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Eligibility requirements for Qualified Instructor Certification

Candidates for the Qualified Instructor Certification shall meet the following requirements:


  • Minimum age 21 years.
  • Must be able to speak, read, write and comprehend the English language.
  • Must be a current member of the PRCA in good standing.
  • Must read, understand and abide by the PRCA Certification Policies 2017 and PRCA Certification Program Code of Ethics


  • Minimum of a high school diploma, GED or the equivalent


  • Minimum 5 years employment including staff training duties for operations, safety, risk management or facilitation / guiding of industry courses - OR - 5 years employment in staff training including employee safety training - OR - 5 years of other instructional / education related employment .
  • Minimum of 3 years in the last 5 years of employment  in challenge courses, aerial adventure parks, canopy / zip line tours or any combination thereof.
  • Currently employed primarily in the operation / facilitation / guiding of a challenge course, aerial adventure park and/or canopy / zip line tour with duties that include staff safety training - OR  - currently an employee of a professional training service provider for challenge courses, aerial adventure parks and/or canopy /zip line tours.

Application: You must preregister for examinations. (Registration for the upcoming examination is available through the 2017 Conference Tulsa OK folder in the left side navigation column).

  • Must complete, sign  and submit the required application and required documentation to prior to being admitted for testing.  (Candidates will not be tested without having a PRCA assigned ID #, this number is assigned after review of the candidate's application and documentation.)
  • Must provide a written statement from your employer (on letterhead) that the information on the candidate's application is true and correct.
  • Must provide documentation of a minimum of 16 hours of formal training in adult learning principles (e.g. a train the trainer program, an instructor course, teaching certificate, degree in education, OSHA Outreach instructor course, etc) - OR -  evidence of personally providing 16 hours of challenge course / aerial adventure park / canopy - zip line tour employee safety training  and/or general employee safety training. (Evidence may include lesson plans, sign-in sheets, handouts, advertisement, multi-media presentation and/or employer verification statements.)
  • Must provide a copy of an ACORD form showing candidate's current professional insurance OR employers current insurance that covers the delivery of employee training (this form is available from your insurance broker).
  • Application, exam prep session and examination fees must be paid when the certification application is submitted. Examination sessions fill-up quickly so register early or your testing may be delayed and require travel to a different location.
  • The required application is available as a download from the main certifications folder in the left hand navigation column.


  • Admission to the examination prep sessions and the examination require a Candidate ID #, issued by the PRCA after application review and fees payment. Register early.
  • Candidate must receive a passing score on a written multiple-choice test and on the practical instruction skill exam.
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