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GENERAL INFORMATION - Qualified Instructor Certification Program

The Qualified Instructor Certification Program was created by the PRCA to address the growing North American and international regulatory requirements, the general desire to increase the professionalism of our industry and to give all stakeholders, in-house or vendors, the opportunity to offer quality, standardized training to their employees.

This program issues certifications to industry professionals, in all areas of the industry, who have the knowledge, expertise and experience to perform quality employee training.

Certified Qualified Instructors develop the written training programs that are required in many standards. They deliver and document training that follows the ANSI/PRCA 1.0-.3 2014 American National Safety Standard's National Training Scheme and is within their industry knowledge, competency and experience.  This is a comprehensive employee training scheme, based upon the successful Australian model, that addresses employee safety, facilitation and operations as applicable to your course. Qualified Instructors are the wave of the future where an operation can effectively train and certify their own staff to a clear, standardized set of goals.

This Certified Qualified Instructor program is not a train the trainer program. This was developed for persons who are already trainers, having attended an instructor program in the past or who have previous experience training employees in safety and operations in the industry. The certification examination involves written test and a peer reviewed training presentation, both graded. The exam preparatory event covers review of adult learning principles, the required training documentation and how to apply the National Training Scheme to your classes.

The Certification is valid for three (3) years.

Certified Qualified Instructors also meet the ANSI 1.0-.3-2014 American National Safety Standards' in-house and/or third party certification requirements for the Qualified Ropes Challenge Course Instructor (QRCCI), Competent Person Trainer (CPT) and with formal rescue training completed, the Competent Rescue Trainer (CRT).

For more information on the Certification Program including specifics on the certifications, eligibility requirements, renewals, examination content, and supervisory endorsements download the PRCA Certification Policies and the PRCA Certification Program Code of Ethics contained in the main "Certifications" folder.

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